Sunday, May 06, 2007

Live Earth on 7.07.2007

In two months will be the Live Earth Concerts.

This reminded me of Kenny Loggins' 1991 song, "Conviction of the Heart" (once called by Al Gore as the 'unofficial anthem of the environmental movement'), also performed in the Earth Day 1995 celebrations in Washington, D.C.

One with the earth, with the sky
One with everything in life
I believe we'll survive
If we only try...
How long must we all wait to change.
This world bound in chains that we live in...
It's been too many years of taking now.
Isn't it time to stop somehow?
Air that's too angry to breathe, water our children can't drink
You've heard it hundreds of times
You say you're aware, believe, and you care, but...
Do you care enough
To talk with Conviction of the Heart?

Somehow, the lyrics still hold true. It seems to me that coming to the rescue of the environment is hinged on simple ideas that would take conviction (and political will) to implement but humankind just find hard to put into action.


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