Saturday, December 08, 2007

Travelling solo

Discovering new places is always fun. Staying in hotels with the 'right' room amenities would make trips less stressful. I always look forward to the downy soft white bedlinen. The last couple of trips I made overseas and interstate made me more aware of how hotels take care of women travellers. In Singapore, I stayed overnight at the transit hotel in Changi Airport. In Geelong and Melbourne, I booked hotel rooms at Mercure hotels.

It was comforting that these hotels were aware of the needs of women travelling solo, particularly showing assurance of security. I especially liked that the hotel clerks were discreet when I was pointed my room number rather than saying it out loud, mindful of the presence of other hotel guests in the reception.

I was likewise pleased with the bathroom amenities - full length mirrors, better lighting - not the dull glow of fluorescent bulbs, counters with depths that make it easy to lean over when applying makeup, hair dryer, ample and quality bath products, trouser/skirt hangers, an iron and ironing board.

Hotels are now attentive to the needs of women travellers that they offer all sorts of women-friendly comforts in everything from room design to room service. Although not without criticisms, some hotels even offer women-only floors. The top floors of a small, 28-room hotel in Zurich, the Lady's First, a boutique design hotel, are for women only. The Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota, has an all-female floor. Yet other hotels are incorporating amenities and improvements that cater to women travelers.

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