Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas-New Year Weather

The Australian Christmas season is not White. Almost always the weather DownUnder during Christmas is with blue skies and recently the temperatures on the mainland ranges from 30-40 deg C. However, seasonal variations of summer have also been experienced - floods, electrical storms, hailstorms and bushfires. My first Christmas here in 2001 was perhaps one with the most variations on record - floods in northern Australia, dozens of bushfires in southeast Australia and I experienced my first hailstorm in Melbourne on Christmas Day! I also remember that summer to be cool-cold in Adelaide. I went to the New Year's Eve celebration at Victoria Square wearing a jacket.

I've spent the last four Christmases in Australia and the weather has certainly been unpredictable. Last year's Christmas was spent in Wagga Wagga, NSW and I remember both Christmas and Boxing Days as windy and cold.

However, in my experience, the eve of the New Year is always sweltering. In 2005, my mother was unfortunate to experience the dry and scourging heat firsthard - 40-42degC temperatures! I tell you - she complained incessantly (I don't have air conditioning in my flat).

Today, Adelaide's maximum temperature was close to 38 degC and 6% RH. The temperature outlook for New Year's is a dry, 41 degC ... phew!

Checking the weather forecast for the Philippines, it is a lot cooler - 31deg C. How's the New Year's Eve weather looking where you are?

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