Saturday, January 12, 2008

Enjoying photography with the Nikon D40x

I try to make the most use of my DSLR camera. Apart from gorging on the photography books and magazines I can lay my hands on, I would go over the variety of photography blogs and discussion forums available. But naturally, practice is the key. And simply just having fun.

A photography tip I found invaluable (and informative) is the use of flash. I never liked how my indoor pictures turn out when I resort to using the flash even though the lighting conditions call for it. More often than not, the images I would get with the use of the flash are somehow 'severe' and come out with very harsh shadows / textures. I know that this just calls for more practice in its use and of the camera.

One of the things I learned recently is the use of a bouncer - albeit a homemade bouncer out of a business card (as seen at Shai Coggins).
I tried out the tip:

with flash

without flash

with flash, using the homemade bouncer

Although in this instance, I still prefer how the photo without the use of the flash turned out, the homemade bouncer created a much nicer overall lighting than that taken using the flash without a bouncer.

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Blogger Shai said...

You also have a D40X! Cool. :-)

Anyway, glad you found the tip useful. I, too, got used to (and generally prefer) the warmer tones of the non-flash photos. But yes, I prefer the bounced flash than the non-bounced one.

But, since the non-flash isn't always possible (especially when trying to capture movement in low light), the bounced flash can help improve the photos.

9:25 am  
Blogger m_andamon said...

Yes, I got this little baby in October and like you I just love it. I had a Coolpix 4100 digital compact which I was pretty happy with. But I've always wanted to take pictures with more depth of field and also go into macro photography. Hence - saved up for the DSLR.

Just have to find time to learn more about photography and play with the camera. :) Thanks for the tips you've been posting.

11:20 am  
Blogger Unbalanced Reaction said...

Nice to see your desk back to normal. ;)

Mine is currently in the most deplorable state.

4:16 pm  
Blogger m_andamon said...

:) The clear desk didn't last long. It was just an aberration. Mounds of clutter are more the norm. :)

10:24 pm  

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