Sunday, February 10, 2008

Close Up Photography

I'll be able to have some fun doing macro photography. Joy! The old manual Nikon micro lens I got from eBay finally arrived.

Micro Nikkor Auto P.C 55mm f/3.5 with M2 ring

Going over my old close up photography book and numerous online discussions on using old Nikon manual lenses with the Nikon D40x, I scoured eBay for this glass. I now have a wonderful addition to my gear: a Micro Nikkor Auto P.C 55mm f/3.5 with M2 ring (c. 1973-March 1975). I was fortunate to get this lens in near mint condition complete with front and rear lens caps, original manual and still with its original box.

I was worried about using old manual lenses with the D40x but a number of photography guides available online maintained by professionals offered valuable information on Nikon systems and lens compatibility: Thom Hogan, Ken Rockwell and Flickr discussion forums. Photo enthusiasts (Thanks, Shai) have likewise shared wonderful insights, particularly on the selection of gear for macro photography. Bjorn Rorslett also provides a comprehensive evaluation of special purpose lenses for Nikon F mount. An amazing compendium of Nikon lenses is also available with information on lens specifications, accessories and even the serial numbers including quantity produced!

After tinkering with the camera and its settings (it's the first time I used the Manual Mode - somehow my first shots in manual mode came out with blank screen), I was able to get some test shots.

My first 'successful' shot

First macro shot

Over the weekend I did some more practice shots. I hope to try to get some outdoor macro shots soon.

Crumpler Mini Match

Tag Heuer S/el Series

Next, I'll be trying out the 50mm f/1.8 standard lens.

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Blogger Shai said...

Great test shots! And congrats on the new lens baby. Sounds like you found a really good deal. :-)

Anyway, glad the post helped to encourage you to use older lenses on the D40x. I was also hesitant to start with, but I'm glad I've given it a go. It opens up plenty of possibilities (and cheaper options). But like you, I wish I can own one of 'em 105mm VR micro one day. Ergh. So expensive! :-o

Looking forward to more photos from you. And hopefully, one of these days, we'll meet up in person. Maybe go on a photo date! :-)

11:10 am  
Blogger m_andamon said...

Thanks, Shai. You're right about going for a dedicated macro lens rather than using the close-up filters. I'm still figuring out how to make full use of the lens without taking out the fun in photography. I tell you - it can be tedious for somebody who's blind as a bat. :) But so far, I'm having a ball.

Tell me about it - going for those current model of lenses is wishful thinking. They cost an arm and a leg! For now, just have to make do with what I can afford.

I definitely would like to meet you and a photo date sounds wonderful. :)

10:01 pm  

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