Sunday, March 09, 2008

Change of climate or natural climate variability

Barring the temperatures South Australia is currently experiencing, autumn has always been my favourite season. I especially like the myriad of autumn colours -the golden browns, yellows, reds and oranges.

Signs of Autumn

Leaves are FALL-ing yet temperatures are soaring. For over a week now, Adelaide is roasting in the midst of a long heatwave. It has been a hot, blistering start to autumn.

Based on the heat wave definition of five consecutive days with a top temperature over 35°C, Adelaide is in the grip of its first autumn heatwave in almost 70 years. Today, after four consecutive days of over 37°C, the temperature reached 40°C which was 14K above average and it was the hottest March day in four years. Weather forecast indicates that the trend of mid-30s temperatures is set to continue until the end of next week. Records then show that it will be the first time in 68 years Adelaide has reached 37°C on six consecutive March days. Phew!!

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