Saturday, July 05, 2008

Adelaide at dusk

Update (06 October 2008): This photo is also featured in the ABC 2009 Weather Calendar - South Australia (December).

This photo of the Adelaide Riverside Precinct - Torrens Lake taken from the Adelaide City Bridge was the weather photo featured in last Thursday's 7.00pm ABC (Adelaide) news (03 July 2008). This view is frequently featured in postcard photographs of the city that I thought I'd take one myself. This was one of the successful shots in my first attempt at night photography.

Adelaide Skyline at dusk

The photo shows the Riverbank Promenade alongside Elder Park and a segment of the linear river park. This linear park, which is the earliest in Australia, bounds the suburban end of the river and is 35 kms long with playgrounds, walkways and bicycle tracks. On the southbank of the lake, adjacent to Elder Park is the Adelaide Festival Centre. Built in 1973, the cluster of theatres comprising the Festival Centre occupies the area north of the Adelaide Parliament House where the Adelaide Public Baths, 1863-1969 used to be. The baths were built in 1861 and featured Turkish Baths suites, an Olympic size swimming pool (1940 addition) and diving tower. Prominent buildings along the southbank include the Hyatt Regency Hotel and the Adelaide Convention Centre.

The 470 megalitre Torrens Lake was created in 1881 with the construction of a weir, landscaping of Elder Park and modification of the river’s bank and surrounds into an English formal park. The lake forms a centrepiece of many Adelaide events and postcard scenes. At the lake's official opening on 21 July 1881 an estimated 40,000, almost the entire population of Adelaide, attended. Elder Park with its iron rotunda was opened on 28 November 1882.

Elder Park, Adelaide

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Blogger Unbalanced Reaction said...

Wow, gorgeous! I just got the Nikon D80, but I've yet to take it on a proper test run. I'm looking forward to night stuff / low light especially, since my point and shoot was so terrible in those conditions.

5:50 am  
Blogger m_andamon said...

Thanks. :) Congratulations on finally getting THAT much coveted reward - well-deserved after all the hard work. I'm sure you'll have a fun with the D80 and take wonderful shots. Perhaps you can likewise share the link to your photosharing webpage?

11:17 am  

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