Sunday, March 04, 2007

Rotring 600

I have always been a big fan of writing instruments and being in the architectural practice, I am exposed to a variety of writing and drawing gadgets.

I came across a couple of pen reviews (The Fountain Pen Network and The Gadgeteer) on the Rotring 600 Writing Instrument Series (see Rotring 600 brochure cover ca. 1990 below) and I realised that I am fortunate to have in my possession four of these 'precision tools': a rollerball pen, a ballpoint pen and two 0.7mm fine-line mechanical pencils - satin silvertone finish and matte black (didn't get the fountain pen - being a lefty I find using a fountain pen very hard and messy). I've had these original Rotring 600s since 1996 and I got them from National Bookstore (Manila, Philippines). The attraction of these pens is that they look like old draughting tools.

The original design have been discontinued for sometime now and replaced by the Newton 600. But as reviews have indicated, the original 600s are much better designed (no wonder they are now going on eBay for US$50 or more). Apart from its solid construction (and they feel solid!), the unique feature of the hexagonal, solid brass body of the barrel pens is the diamond-cut, knurled grip giving it the appearance of a precision tool. I especially like that they are heavy - making it easy to hold the pens steady.

See cbustapeck for an insightful and comprehensive review on Rotring 600.

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