Monday, November 24, 2008

Orange Penguins

Popular Penguins, an imprint of the Penguin Group (Australia), has published 50 bestselling titles dressed in the distinctive 1935 orange and white livery.

Titles in the collection include Alain de Botton's The Consolations of Philosophy, Michel Foucault's The History of Sexuality: Volume 1 and Richard P Feynman's Six Easy Pieces.

Orange Penguins

The Popular Penguins is a reprise of the Allen Lane's brainchild in 1935 when he published then contemporary titles and made readily available by selling them at the affordable cost of sixpence (which was the cost of a pack of cigarettes then).

The 2008 Orange Penguins are likewise priced at an attractive cost of AU$9.95. Grab a couple of titles for a bit of fun reading over the holidays. With 50 to choose from, you are bound to find one (or more) that would interest you. Enjoy!

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