Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cold Summer, Jasmine Green Tea and Sleep Deprivation

If I am asked how to describe those crucial summer months of 2005, I'd come up with 'cold summer', 'lots of jasmine green tea' and 'sleep deprived'. My dissertation was on thermal comfort, yet I always felt cold during those summer months. It was hard to feel comfortable when anxiety sets in. I took comfort in several cups of jasmine green tea day in and day out. Sleep deprivation was very much a given. On this, I knew I wasn't an exception - I got by with just 4-5 hours sleep and would only give myself an extra hour or two on Saturdays. Until this day, I am still amazed that I got through it all.

During the 'home run' months of the dissertation, I found myself working more at home than at the university.

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