Monday, April 17, 2006

At the crux

The Summer of 2004-2005 was the starting point of the final stretch of putting together and writing my thesis on thermal comfort. The initial months of the season was riddled with major decisions. One of which is deciding to change accommodation just when I am at the crucial stage of my candidature. After staying at the residential college for three and a half years, I decided to move to a flat and live on my own.

Early November, I found a nice and cozy one-bedroom fully furnished flat two blocks away from the college and within one week secured the place but would only be able to move in mid-December. The timing was just perfect as I was preoccupied with the preparations for a paper presentation in Launceston, Tasmania.

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Beginning of Summer 2004-2005

The lush green leaves of the grape vine that adorned the facade of this bottle shop near the residential college where I stayed somehow aptly depicted the start of the final stages of my thesis writing.

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Spring 2004

Before embarking on my so-called 'home run', I, with a department colleague also working on her PhD but in Landscape Architecture, decided to take advantage of Virgin Blue flight sales and make a little trip to Canberra for a weekend. I figured with my argument not anymore swimming in its primordial soup, I owed myself some holiday trips.

This season of beginnings was filled with 'holidays' and fun events. I guess it was sympathizing with the euphoric state I was in for thinking that I have finally 'figured out' my argument?

Next trip the following weekend was to Warburton, Victoria (an hour's drive from Melbourne) for my three day-spiritual retreat.

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