Sunday, June 27, 2010

A numbers game

Last week we witnessed the power of the numbers game.

Two tennis players on Court 18, donned in the traditional Wimbledon white garbs, wowed the world with a tennis marathon lasting 11 hours and 5 minutes of play (spread out over 3 days)! The numbers: final score between American John Isner
and France's Nicolas Mahut: 6-4 3-6 6-7 7-6 70-68.

In Australia on 24 June 2010, in a historic decision by the ruling Labor Party (ALP), a leadership handover occured with a vote of 70 from a Caucus of 112 and gave the country its first female prime minister - Julia Gillard.

"I didn't set out to crash my head on any glass ceilings. I set out to keep my feet on the floor and to be there walking the streets talking to Australians about what's the right thing for this nation." - Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

With the looming Australian federal election by the end of the year, as some pundits would have it, this leadership change was a coup that needed to happen - if Labor
intends to avoid an electoral defeat after just one term. Delivering a confident and
clever speech as the new leader, Julia Guillard showed her considerable mettle which will certainly make the parliamentary debates more interesting. "Game on", says Ms Gillard to the opposition leader, Mr Tony Abbott.

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