Sunday, September 03, 2006

The year after ...

This weekend last year (2 September 2005), I received the outcome of the thesis examination. The two external examiners - a professor at Oxford Brookes' School of Architecture (UK) and an associate professor at the Department of Architecture, University of Oregon (US), both recommended the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosphy subject to minor amendments.

Nine weeks after submission, SHEER NIRVANA!

Even after a year, it is still hard to describe the feeling in finally getting THE validation for the almost four years of hard postgraduate research work from two renowed researchers in the field of thermal comfort:

Examiner 1 (UK): "There is no doubt in my mind that this thesis displays original and critical thought...has shown original approach to comfort data...undertaken a very thorough review of the literature review...has generally demonstrated a good critical understanding of the works she has read. Following a good review of the literature, the student has gained a good understanding of the disciplines within which it falls. The range of disciplines is wide and this student has taken them as such demonstrating a basic understanding of the physics/physiology approach as well as the behavioural and, particularly, the sociological approach placing air conditioning in its historical and sociological setting."

Examiner 2 (US): "It was a pleasure to review [this thesis]. The work is very well-written, understood, researched, and encompasses a large area of work in the tropical context where little is is an important contribution to the thermal comfort field." On the assessment if the thesis has been clearly, accurately and cogently written and suitably illustrated and documented: "...this is the strongest part of the thesis. It's beautifully executed."

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Off to Geneva, Switzerland

My first international conference after finishing the thesis and being awarded the degree. Off to Geneva tomorrow to present my paper at the 23rd International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture (PLEA) 2006 to be held at the University of Geneva (5-8 September).

Nervous wreck and at the same time very excited...

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