Sunday, August 05, 2007

Interesting research

An interesting and amusing post (very popular post garnering 380 comments) in Dilbert’s Blog on intelligence and sex explains somewhat the possibility of intelligence and intercourse (i.e., mainstream definition) as mutually exclusive. Smart people equates to having excellent imagination, thus having “a partner just slows things down”.

Scott Adam’s contention: the dimwitted get so much action is that they tend to be more attractive than smart people. That’s not a coincidence. It’s genetics. Hot/dumb people are more likely to mate with other hot/dumb people and produce hot/dumb kids. Here’s a headline you’ll never see: “Nobel Prize winner for physics thanked his supermodel parents for all of their support.”

Ergo, people of average intelligence have more intercourse – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that in the “la petite mort” competition, the smarter people are getting the raw end of the deal. Scott Adams argue that it may just be possible that those of above average intelligence are winning by “about ten to one”. As they say, involvement in scholarly discourse can also initiate the release of endorphins. There’s immense gratification in being able to have an original contribution to scholarship.

A case in point, researchers working on studies of the relationship between intelligence and intercourse are definitely getting so much satisfaction.


Cold start to the work week

Monday last week, I was greeted with a foggy start to the work week. It was amazing to see the CBD blanketed in thick fog similar to the weekend. But Monday's fog didn't let up until 10.30 in the morning. Weather reports that night said the some parts of the state had fog until 3.30 in the afternoon.

This is what greeted me when I left for work at 8am: